Here's all our SADD activities. We encourage you to get creative and adapt the activity to suit your school/community. 



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traffic jam

Wearing cardboard cars, get students to complete and obstacle course under different conditions to demonstrate the effects of speed on safety.

Fast and furious

Challenge participants to complete a task under different time conditions to demonstrate the effect of speed on concentration and reaction times.

A Roundabout Way

Use chalk and cones to create
roundabout simulations to give participants an opportunity to practice maneuvering roundabouts.

The influencers

Create posters to display around the school that include photos and quotes from influential people stating why they wouldn’t drink drive.

Poster Drop

Order free posters from our website and put them up around the school! You could also ask to have a permanent display.

Snap happy

Run a competition in your school that encourages students to design a Snapchat filter with a road safety message.

Believe it or not

How well do you know the road rules? This is an interactive ‘true or false’ style game that is great for assemblies or other events.

Advisory Notices

Place SADD Advisory Notices on the windscreen of cars at school to raise awareness of key road safety issues and to promote safe choices. These can be found in the downloads section.

Chalk outlines

Use chalk to draw outlines of objects, people, streets, or even a roundabout! Write some key messages or tips for safe driving inside. See our Helplinks for great information to include.

Starter Pack

Compile and give to students a pack full of free resources from SADD and other organisations. These are great to do before the School Ball to remind students to drive safe!

Snakes and Ladders

Draw a giant board on the ground with lots of snakes and ladders. Add additional Question marks in squares where students have to answer a road code question to progress.

Difference of opinion

Encourage students to consider their choices on the road by coordinating a debate using a SADD theme as the topic. Involve teachers or community partners too!

Focus or fail

Create an obstacle course for students to complete. Time them first without and then with a distraction to demonstrate the dangers of being distracted. This is great for the whole school!

What's Next

Display pictures of driving scenarios to students at your school. Lead a discussion on what they see, why it’s happening, and what might happen next.

Dress up a Door

Challenge classes to decorate a door with information or key tips for safe driving. Order resources for your competition from the free resources part of our website.

Notice Me!

Put some stats and facts in the school notices or on the school Facebook page/app. You could also run this as a quiz. See our Helplinks for great information to include.

Text me Friday

Send out a ‘be safe’ message to 5 friends and ask them to pass it on. This can be done over text, social media or through school notices.


Post-it Pledge

Create A3 pledges for your school community - “I pledge to…”. Encourage students to write on a post-it note one safe driving habit they will commit to, to sign their name, and put on the pledge.

SOak Up SOME Knowledge

Get two groups together each with a bucket full of water balloons. Get the question right throw a balloon. Get it wrong, get hit with a balloon. Another great activity for the whole school.


Hold a sausage sizzle or bake sale to raise money for your SADD committee and to raise awareness about safe driving in the community. Quiz nights are also a lot of fun.

Poster Competition

Hold a competition to create a poster or meme promoting safe driving or SADD!

Kahoot logo6.gif


Organise a Kahoot for lunchtime or form time to test your peers driving knowledge and have some fun! Try or