Here's all our SADD activities. We encourage you to get creative and adapt the activity to suit your school/community. 

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Chalk outlines

Draw outlines of objects or people with chalk and write messages, statistics or tips for safe driving.

Difference of opinion

Encourage students to consider their choices on the road by coordinating a debate using a SADD theme as the topic. 

Dress up a Door

Challenge classes to decorate a door with information or key tips for safe driving.


Focus or fail

Create an obstacle course and time people completing the course, then have them repeat the same course while simultaneously completing another task.

Hey! know your Stuff

This campaign is designed to show people how they can find out more about getting their license and where they can access resources.


Create posters or memes using recognisable icons from pop culture combined with a SADD message to promote safe and responsible driving.


Infringement Notices

Put mock infringement notices on the windscreens of student and staff cars at school to raise awareness of key road safety issues.

It's No Game

This activity is a twist on the classic game snakes and ladders designed to highlight the consequences of decisions made on the road.

What's Next

Display pictures that depict driving scenarios to students and ask them what they think might happen next. 


Junior view

Survey year 9/10 students in the school and collate the results to find out what
contact and experiences these students have had with dangerous situations.

Living Noticeboard

Organise to have a permanent display that can be regularly updated and is in a busy area of your school (front of canteen, library).

On the quick

Provide the school office with some quick stats and facts that you would like to put in the notices. 


Orientation Pack

Compile and distribute a pack full of SADD resources for other students to understand what SADD is about. 

Pressure Points

Create posters or videos that show two contrasting peer influence statements – one negative and one positive.

Sausage Sizzle

Hold a sausage sizzle to raise money for your SADD committee and raise awareness about safe driving in the community.


SOak Up SOME Knowledge

Get two groups together each with a bucket full of water balloons. Get the question right throw a balloon. Get it wrong, get hit with a balloon. 

Start your engines

Put together a pack of info and resources to inform students about the graduated licensing process. 

Step Up

Recruit and mentor year 9 and 10 students to ensure that SADD will continue within the school in the future. 


Text me Friday

Send out a ‘be safe’ message to 5 friends and ask them to pass it on. This can be done over text, social media or through school notices.

The Great Kiwi Car Debate

Go to a local Caltex station and hand out SADD conversation starters to people coming through to pay for their petrol.

What if

Create a ‘what if?’ message for you school that encourages students to think about the potential outcomes of certain driving behaviours.


Want more information? Check out our activity videos