Cityscape or small town?

Kimberley Murphy, a SADD member at Southland Girls’ High School, shares with us what it is like living in Riverton in the deep south.

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What is your name? 

My name is Kimberley Murphy.

Where are you from? 

I am from the small country town called Riverton.

Tell us 3 facts about Riverton?

Riverton is one of the oldest towns within New Zealand and is said to be the oldest permanent settlement within Southland although you don’t really know it exists until you go to Southland. 

How long have you lived there? 

I have lived in Riverton for six years, I moved here in 2013. 

What's your favourite thing Riverton? 

Riverton is surrounded by beaches, so when the weather gets warm it is the best place to go. 

What is one good thing about being from a Small town?

The best thing about living in a small town is the fact that it is a very community-based town. The community will stand behind you, if you are trying to boost a project. You end up getting a lot of support behind you.

What are a couple of roading issues you are combating in your school/community? 

The biggest things within my school is nobody is really taking the road rules seriously. They are gaining their restricted licences and then believing they can break road rules. 

Who do you think is the most famous person from Riverton?

Captain John Howell is probably the most famous person from Riverton, he was the person who founded Riverton back in the mid 1830’s.

What is the name of your school and how many people go there? 

I go to Southland Girls High School and my school currently has about 1100 students attending

How long do you have to drive/commute to get to school? 

Each morning I have to drive roughly half an hour to get to school.

What is something you enjoy about being a SADD leader in your school?

Being a SADD leader at Southland Girls is a great opportunity because I am able to advise pupils against dangerous driving by showing them the consequences. Being a SADD leader helps me to believe that I am doing my part within the community by helping keep people safe on our roads.

Riverton, Southland

Riverton, Southland

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