Auckland NLP workshop 2019

The first National Leadership workshop for 2019 took place over the July holidays. Hosted at Auckland’s Harbour Bridge Police Station, eight of our leaders came together to work on their leadership skills and contribute to the future and development of SADD’s purpose.

NLP group.jpg

Highlights included a refreshed look at the six principles, new merchandise ideas, and a leadership workshop with NZ Police’s Field Learning and Development Manager, William (Billy) Lawrence. The team were treated to group dinners and glow-in-the-dark minigolf!
The group also got to learn more about what the NZ Road Policing team do while checking out their equipment.

Here’s how the National Leaders summed it up:

Parvi: "The best part of the workshop was seeing how a group of total strangers became a good team through our shared passion for SADD. The Design Thinking process showed me how to best make something that our target audience will relate to.”

Brianna: "The best part of the workshop...was the instant feeling of friendship we all got from the other leaders. SADD jokes instantly became funnier! We all knew that we were there to achieve a common goal which pushed us to be better."

James: "The workshop gave us the ability to make positive change, relevant to our up and coming generation, that will have an impact on SADD in the coming years.” 

Olivia: "One thing I can take away from the workshop is a new ability to work together...being in that environment where I had to rely and build off of others, gave me the opportunity to boost my confidence and learn new things."

Sabrina: “Personally, I've learnt a lot more about SADD and its purpose which I can take back to my school and community to do better and greater things to promote road safety."

Dathan: "The NLP once again stunned me. I met some absolutely amazing students and staff. The team activities we did required us to work together and we did that."

Charlotte: "One thing I will take the reiteration of the importance of SADD's 6 principles and how the work that each SADD committee does is impacting NZ roads in a positive way."

Natalie: "The best part of the NLP event was meeting like-minded, eager peers. I met so many new friends and we can all help each other to succeed in building SADD in our schools."

Olivia laying down road spikes.jpg
Natalie presenting her merchandise idea.jpg

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