Here’s some popular activities to get you started.  Activities are easy to implement and adaptable, so get creative! Remember to keep in touch with our team to let us know how the activity went.

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Sober drivers


Orientation Pack

Create and hand out safe driving packs at your school. Distribute these at events like the school ball to encourage students to drive safely, or organise transport ahead of time.

You could include SADD stickers and conversation cards. Ask local businesses and community groups for sponsored items or handouts such as taxi vouchers, food discounts or fliers. 


Chalk Outlines

Using chalk, draw body outlines and relevant pictures on an area of concrete at school and write safe driving messages inside/alongside these. You can use stats and facts or positive SADD messages to raise awareness and get people thinking.


Safe speeds


Text me Friday

Get your SADD committee to send out a group text each Friday afternoon with a safe driving message.

Create a catchy message  e.g. “Hey guys, watch your speed on the road this weekend and arrive at your destination safe and sound!” - SADD

Use Snapchat or Facebook to spread the message.


What's next? 

Display pictures that depict driving scenarios to students and ask them what they think might happen next. 

What do you see? Why do you think this is happening? What might happen next?

The ideas behind this activity is to promote discussion around actions and potential outcomes.


No distractions


Focus or fail

Create an obstacle course or challenges for people to attempt, first with no distractions and then again at the same time as completing a complex task. The idea of this is to demonstrate how distractions affect reaction times and accuracy.

Make your basic course require focus, such as weaving through cones or catching a ball. Time each person.


A difference of opinion

Encourage students to consider their choices on the road by coordinating a debate using a SADD theme as the topic. 

You can use SADD conversation cards to spark ideas. Select teams, you might like to try the SADD committee against the teachers! Make an event out of it and encourage your student body to attend.


Avoiding risks


On the quick

With your SADD committee, come up with a list of stats and facts about road safety. 

Check out the Ministry of Transports crash facts for some great stats. 

You can put them in the daily notices, on a school noticeboard or using social media. 


Step up

Recruit and mentor year 9 and 10 students to ensure that SADD will continue within the school in the future.

Advertise the opportunity to the junior school and/or shoulder tap potential young members and encourage them to join and contribute to your committee.


Driving to the conditions


It’s no game

Use a life sized snakes and ladders board, to show students how actions have consequences! Ladders represent the good drivers and safe journeys and snakes represent the bad drivers or hazardous journeys.

You could paint the board onto an old sheet or use chalk to draw it on to the concrete. 


Dress up a door challenge

Challenge classes to decorate a door with information or key tips for safe driving.

Material on the doors can include posters, graphs, diagrams, and poems.

Give each class a theme i.e. driving in the rain. Get your SADD committee together to judge the winners, take photos!


Building experience


Infringement notices

Put mock infringement notices under the windscreen wiper of students cars. This is quick, effective and gives the student drivers at your school a wee surprise when they return to their car at the end of the dayOrganise your SADD committee to discreetly distribute them during the day.

Design a template for your mock fines or use the templates that SADD has created:


Hey! know your stuff

Use the Hey! poster range, around school to get students thinking about their driving abilities. These posters educate students that having a licence doesn't automatically make them an experienced driver. Talk to students around the school about these posters, encourage them to look a bit closer!

Use the AA Driving School website and learn to drive the AA way. There are loads of useful resources like quizzes and practice tests to further improve your driving knowledge. 


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