We’ve set some guidelines for your SADD committee to be considered an active, or “green” school/group.  Achieving each one of these will help create an environment for a successful and sustainable SADD programme. Get active!


Essential criteria

  1. Must have a teacher contact or a community partner who works closely with the school, specifically relating to SADD

  2. Must be a SADD Committee operating within the school

  3. Students have been responsive in communication with SADD staff

  4. Each term there must be at least one activity undertaken within the school, or as a part of a regional campaign and this activity must be reported on to the SADD team.

  5. Student(s) from this school actively participate in SADD campaigns


Extra activities to boost SADD in your school

Please note, these are not essential criteria to achieve green ranking however they are recommended to help you run an effective and sustainable SADD programme.

  1. Attend a SADD run workshop

  2. Use SADD resources (order yours here)

  3. Participate in a regional SADD committee

  4. Enter SADD run competitions on our Facebook page


If becoming a green ranked school looks easy then you might be interested in becoming a SADD 5 star school as well. 

Contact our team for the criteria and your school could receive up to $250 worth of prizes for your school and SADD committee!