Stuck for ideas? Here are some videos to help you get creative with SADD in your school! Some of these are made by SADD students and others are just cool videos that we had to share.


Get experienced


Te Moana's story

Te Moana was starting his last year at high school and hadn’t done anything about getting  his driver’s licence. He admitted to us (on camera) that he was scared about the idea of failing!  Follow Te Moana through his journey to gaining the first stage of his driver’s licence.

Michaela's Story

Michaela was just finishing high school and was starting to think about what was next for her, but she was still only on her learner licence which meant driving to a new job wasn’t an option.  Coming from a small town the thought of sitting her test in the city was daunting.  Join us for Michaela’s story on how going through a Defensive Driving Course helped her reach her restricted licence.

Coralee's Story

In the final weeks of high school Coralee had only recently gained her full licence.  She had the licence so she felt like she was expected to “know it all” – but that’s not how she felt!  We join Coralee for a check in with an AA driving instructor three months after getting her full licence to give her the confidence boost she needed.

Rural to Urban Story

Autumn and Steph, like so many other Kiwi’s, have grown up in small rural communities, but they are city bound and nervous about driving on busy roads.  Follow them as they gain some confidence with a driving instructor in the city.


Cool clips


Check out a bunch more clips on our Youtube channel . Want to share your own inspirational SADD video? Contact our team.