The SADD National Leadership Programme (NLP) takes student innovation and  leadership to another level.

We look for year 12's who are passionate and committed to SADD.  It is an opportunity to learn and give more to our charity and connect with likeminded youth. The programme provides professional training to help you become more confident in your role.

Being a National Leader is a fantastic way to help protect youth on our roads. I got involved after a tragedy occurred that affected many of us within our community. Through the NLP, you as a teenager have a voice that can affect change within your peer group.
— Will Mcmaster
Being part of the NLP programme enables me to work with people who share the same passion and are working towards the same goal.
— Bridget Gudsell
An opportunity to make a lasting impact in your community and on yourself. A once in a lifetime opportunity that I would recommend to anyone.
— William Raisbeck


Student leaders