The Campaign

During the week of Monday 27th - Friday 31st May, we're challenging individuals and groups around New Zealand to go Phone Free for 48 hours.

This doesn’t have to be 48 hours in a row, but can be a collective target for yourself, your group, a class, or your school during the week. Think how you would use your phone downtime for something else and take your message to your mates and into your local community.

Phone use while driving is becoming a big issue in New Zealand. A 2013 study observed approximately 1 in 30 kiwi drivers at any one time using their phones while driving, while surveys by the NZ Automobile Association shows an average of 14% of drivers admit to recently using their phone illegally. It’s suggested that after reading or responding to a text, drivers lose focus for up to 23 seconds while continuing to drive.

To help address this growing issue on our roads and the need for change, SADD students conceived an idea to raise awareness and prompt behavioural change among their peers.  The campaign ran for the first time in 2018.  SADD is repeating the event in 2019, with SADD groups around the country encouraging their school and community to go phone free.

Phone Free 48 falls within a school week to encourage group planning and participation. We encourage you to get your class, school, and teachers involved and make it a feature of your lesson time! We have some great activity ideas below and resources you can use to spread the word.  It starts with you.



Doing Phone Free 48 by yourself? We recommend….

Putting Phone Free 48 posters around your school

Using Chalk to write positive messages and alternatives to phone use around your school.

Using the #speakup and #phonefree48 hashtag on social media posts

Making a SADD phone sock and sharing it on Social Media


Taking up the challenge of Phone Free 48 as a SADD group? We recommend…

Creating a SADD Phone Holder to use in classroom lessons or at lunchtime

Running a debate using our SADD Conversation Cards (order here)

Running a Focus or Fail course to raise awareness of cell phone distractions (

Central Hawkes Bay Community Event.jpg

Want to take Phone Free 48 to your wider community? We recommend…

Putting up this promo poster in your local community space

Collaborating with your local NZ Police or Road Safety Coordinator to run a checkpoint


Phone Free 48 Competition 2019


Make an epic phone holder to store cellphones during class-time and while collecting hours for the Phone Free 48 Challenge. It could be a sock, a box, or something else! Send us photos or videos and the one that shows the best handiwork and craftiness will win a SADD prize pack.

Bonus prizes may be awarded for who can get the most phones in your creative storage device (Dr Who fans welcome).


The Posters

Poster 1

Poster 1

Poster 2

Poster 2

Poster 3

Poster 3

Poster 4

Poster 4

Community Poster

Community Poster



Last year, SADD students embraced Phone Free 48 and led their mates, class and school in taking up the difficult challenge of going phone free for 48 hours. Our campaign spread all over New Zealand, with our social media posts reaching over 400,000 people. There were numerous written media articles, and we were the lead story on TV One news too! Check out the clip below

TVNZ One News coverage of Phone Free 48 2018