Four years ago SADD teamed up with Caltex to bring you Remember September.

 Over the past four years we’ve seen activity and participation in this awareness month grow and 2017 is likely to be our biggest ever!

Caltex are proud supporters of our cause and our Charity is very thankful for the support Caltex provide. 


The idea behind Remember September is to engage with your community, spark conversation and get people talking about dangerous driving issues. Want to learn more?

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We encourage you to hold attention-grabbing activities in schools and communities across the country throughout September.

You are the masterminds behind what will have the best impact, we’re here to help with some suggestions to get you started.

Don’t feel restrained by format - choose what works for you. A day? A week? The whole month?!



We have produced three calendars with planned activities depending on how active your school is. Pick from the calendars below to help get you started with your Remember September planning.

Click on more info to check what colour calendar is best for you.

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If your school has been involved in SADD for a while and runs activities regularly, this plan could work for you.

If your school is quite new to SADD, but enthusiastic with good support, this plan could work for you.

If your school is new to SADD or you have very little support, this plan could work for you.


Key steps

Need help planning your month? Check out this slideshow. We recommend showing it to your SADD committee before September so you can start planning in advance. 



There are a bunch of SADD activities you can run over the month to create awareness and spark conversation.

Feel like having a bake sale with a twist? These Frosty Pig cupcakes are a real hit!


Kahoot Quiz

We are running a Kahoot Competition, with a major prize up for grabs worth over $4,000! Competitive? Think your school has what it takes to be the best in the country? Get a teacher to sign your school up to our Kahoot Quiz. 3 weeks, 3 rounds but only one school can win.


Design a Tee 

Got a way with words? Get your creative juices flowing and come up with the winning message for our next tee! An epic $250 prize is up for grabs - so enter now! Limit of 3 entries per person, so only submit your very best ideas!



We have a bunch of resources specific for Remember September. Download and print the resources below or head to our Get Free Stuff page to get SADD resources delivered to you.