We want SADD students to be the ‘go to’ in schools for the driver licence, and to help assist their peers to navigate through the journey. This toolkit enables you to help your peers get on track early and stay on track. SADD wants all young road users and their family/whānau embarking on the driver licensing journey to not just obtain their licence, but also to embed safer road user behaviours into everyday practice on the road.

SADD students know young people and the challenges they face when it comes to the driver licensing journey. There are many barriers for young people restricting them from obtaining their license. In a 2016 report, 84% of young Kiwis reported breaching their driver license conditions. It also found that 70% of jobs required a driver license, but only 9% of beneficiaries aged 18-24 held a license. The driver license is a huge asset for job seekers in New Zealand.

This is a living toolkit. We encourage you to regularly check for updates for new resources and activity ideas. Check out the full toolkit below, and scroll further for our specific activity ideas and free resources.

Click the image above to download the full Driver Education Package!

Click the image above to download the full Driver Education Package!

Activity ideas


Soak up some knowledge

Get two groups together each with a bucket full of water balloons. Get the question right throw a balloon. Get it wrong, get hit with a balloon. Another great activity for the whole school.



Everyone loves a quiz, so why not organise a Kahoot quiz for students in your school interested in learning to drive and progressing through the driver licence journey!

Poster drop

Order free posters from our website and put them up around the school! You could also ask to have a permanent display in a busy area that you can regularly update.



This is a resource designed to help kiwi drivers navigate the driver licensing journey. The website has an online learning platform with quizzes and games, and even a VR training section!



Get in touch with road safety experts in your area to help you with resources or join in on your activities. Key contacts include the NZ Police, Fire and Emergency, local council and AA Driving Instructors.


Place SADD Advisory Notices on the windscreen of cars at school to raise awareness of key road safety issues and to promote safe choices. These can be found in the downloads section.


A roundabout way

Use chalk and cones to give students an opportunity to practice maneuvering roundabouts. Include different scenarios to give students a chance to practice different skills.


guess the ticket

Do you know what the fine is for a driving offence? Test your peers with this activity that you can play as a game show, online quiz, or a mix and match activity.


We’ve collated a bunch of resources that relate to the driver licencing journey and can be used to support any activities that you run from the Driver Education Package. Click on each one to download.