Feilding, Auckland and Dunedin were the three locations for this year’s annual conference season in the April school holidays.  Each 48 hour event was met with passion and enthusiasm from students, both new and experienced with SADD, from around the country. 

This year’s theme, “Level Up”, designed alongside NZTA, challenged the teens to create a new SADD activity or campaign that fit within current best practice.  They undertook the challenge in groups and went through a step by step Design Thinking process.

Take a look at our epic Conference video and check out what we got up to below!

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 Step 1 - Problem Definition: Groups were asked to identify a problem from NZTA statistics based on one of our 6 principles  

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Step 2 - Engaging with your Audience: Groups had to pick a target audience and figure out how to connect with them 

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Such a fun and different way to spend a few days of the holidays! I want to come back next year!
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Step 3 - Design and Build: The next step had groups mocking up their activity ideas

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Step 4 - Going Live: Each group planned out the resources and support they would need in order to run their activities back at school

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The final day at conference saw groups presenting their ideas and work process to NZTA and the SADD team for evaluation. 

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I had a fantastic time at the conference! I made brand new friends and learned many new skills and faced challenges that were fantastic and will help me to develop further skills and memories in life.
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Good to see how everyone got along with each other and always laughing
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It was cool getting to meet people and interact with the SADD team.
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SADD with the help of NZTA will take these ideas and create new SADD activities that will be used nationwide.

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Was so cool to see so many other people also care about road safety!
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From the group work I learnt a lot more about SADD and how I can implement it effectively in my school.
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Conference was amazing, can’t wait for next year!